Re-imagining coexistence between man and nature

Third Year F17 | Prof. Dana Cupkova, Prof. Matthew Hubert, Prof. Nina Chase

Collaboration with Christina Brown

Analysis on and integration of natural systems to establish a symbiotic relationship between human and nature. Exploring methodologies that takes into account changes over time.


Change over time

Sectional diagram outlining the different layers of the design

process poster.jpg



Site Location: Strip District, Pittsburgh PA 

Characteristics of existing site:

  • Majority of the site is within the 500 year flood plains

  • Suffers from sewage overflowing due to combined sewage system in the area

  • Invasive species have replaced the riparian zone


Responsive Model Study

Series of models are used to study the effects of natural forces and how it may govern design of housing arrangements.

responsive model.jpg

Research of ecological systems that can be used on the site