RE-purposing Architecture

Re-purposing Architecture

Advanced Synthesis Options Studio (ASOS) - Fall 2018

Individual project that revolves around the idea of adaptive reuse and engaging the conversation of introducing new ideas on how to integrate old buildings into the current urban fabric. Reflecting on the current demands for more commercial office space at the Strip District, Pittsburgh PA, the project aims to provide three different types of office spaces, from traditional room to room office layout, to office spaces that allow for more self expression architecturally, to a open plan co-work space. Responding to the three interpretations of office spaces, the building if vertically divided with building systems that are most suited for each office type.

Working with the existing

Early sketches exploring the metaphor of deconstructing the past and building the future. The building is split into three parts using the existing entrances as main circulation access.

Transitioning and differentiating between the old and new, from materiality, circulation and program

Transitioning and differentiating between the old and new, from materiality, circulation and program

The plans below demonstrates the final design that aims to make three different commercial office spaces.

The existing building is divided to house traditional office spaces and individual office modules that are suspended within the atrium. Next to the existing building is an addition that features a modular structural steel grid that will allow spaces within the building to be created to meet tenant’s needs.


Building System Integration exploration

The tripartite relationship is then carried over to different building systems such as the structure, mechanical and circulation.

4th year re-purpose7.jpg

Elevation and Sections

The design of the facade was challenging as it required careful intervention between the existing facade and new extrusions within the old building and carrying a similar language to the new facade for the addition.